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5 things you can do for the world during Earth Hour 2023

Saturday 25 March from 20:30 to 21:30 it’s time to give our world a hand. This global movement sends a powerful signal: together we must move towards a more sustainable world! If we really go for it together, we can make this happen. That’s why We Love The Planet has collected 5 tips on what you can do for our world during WWF-Earth Hour

1. Turn off all lights

The WWF asks everyone to turn off the lights for 60 minutes. Good time to have a cozy dinner by candlelight. Our eco-friendly coconut candle fits perfectly with this. You can shop it here!

2. Digital Detox

Have you ever thought, What can I do in the hours I don’t spend on my phone? time to test it! Turn off your phone and discover what makes you happy without a phone.

3. Go out and about!

Haven’t you taken 10,000 steps today? Good time to take a nice walk during Earth Hour and relax completely.

4. Request a wwf-earth hour package

WWF wants to encourage everyone to go 60 minutes for our earth. That is why they have put together an earth-hour package with which you can get through the evening, alone or together.

5. Big cleanup in nature

Don’t have time in the evening? Of course you can also contribute during the day. For example, go to the beach or other nature reserve and clean up waste. Want to bet that the beach will look even more beautiful after your visit?

Earth hour 2023

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