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Help your hormones and choose We Love The Planet

Did you know you come into contact with all kinds of substances that can disrupt your hormones every day? Fortunately, you can help your hormones by choosing We Love The Planet!

I am the owner of and in collaboration with We Love The Planet I wrote this blog! On the website you will find all kinds of information, tips and product favorites that help you make hormone-proof choices more easily. Think of nutrition and lifestyle, but of course also cosmetic products such as deodorant.

Did you know that by using body lotion, deodorant, shampoo, lip balm, soap and hand cream you can come into contact with more than 20 hormone disrupting substances in one day? These substances can increase the risk of a hormonal imbalance Fortunately, nowadays more and more research is being done into potentially harmful substances in cosmetic products and their effect on humans, animals and the environment.

Why would you choose a natural deodorant without aluminum?

We all use deodorant every morning to prevent excessive sweating and a sweat smell. But this forgets that our armpits play an important role in our health. This ‘exit’ of our body is important to keep open for several reasons, for example for the removal of waste.

When you choose a natural deodorant without aluminum and parabens, you do not block the armpits. The baking soda ensures that the bacteria under your armpits cannot cause an unsavory sweat smell. However, it won’t stop your sweat. Your pores are not clogged, so you can still perspire.

Good to know when you switch: If you switch from, for example, an anti-transparent deo with aluminum to a natural deodorant, you may start to smell yourself a bit more in the first period. This is normal and will pass on its own.

Why should you choose We Love The Planet deodorant?

We regularly test all kinds of products for Including various natural deodorant types and brands, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes the smell is not pleasant or the deodorant does not sufficiently neutralize the smell of sweat.

The we love the planet deodorant, on the other hand, does everything you want when using a deodorant. You have plenty of choice from various fresh scents, the deo can and the deo stick are both easy to use and the deodorant provides fresh and dry armpits for a full day.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • It works really well
  • Durable in use
  • Affordable
  • Zero waste and recyclable packaging

Deo can or deo stick?

The choice between the deo stick and the deo can is really a personal choice. Both deodorant types ultimately have the same effect. So it’s just what you find more comfortable. Have no idea? Try both variants for a while, then you’ll know soon enough! My personal preference is the deodorant can. I find the cream in the can easy and fine to dose and distribute under my armpits.

Tip for the deodorant can in the summer: because it is a deodorant with natural ingredients, your deodorant may become a bit more liquid in the middle of summer with high temperatures. If your deodorant becomes TOO liquid, you can put it in the fridge for a while. Then it will automatically become the right thickness again!

My favorite We Love The Planet deodorant!

My favorite We Love The Planet deodorant is currently the Sweet Serenity. There are of course several fine scents that I have tested, but if I really have to choose, the Sweet Serenity is the winner for me at the moment!

So its time to help your hormones and choose We Love The Planet deodorant!

Help je hormonen met We Love The Planet

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