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Zero Plastic Inside certificate

Old-fashioned, controversial and outdated. That’s our opinion when it comes to plastic in general. And we certainly share this opinion when it comes to cosmetic products. Because we believe that what you put on your skin should not contain plastic. Better for you and better for the environment, right?!

Since 2012, the Plastic Soup Foundation has started a campaign against the use of microbeads. In cosmetics, microplastics refers to all kinds of small plastic particles (smaller than 5mm) that are deliberately added to cosmetics and personal care products. Soms met een specifieke functie denk bijvoorbeeld aan een scrub, maar soms ook als optisch effect bijvoorbeeld bij glitters.

But why is this such a big problem? That’s actually in the name. Microplastics are so microscopic that they are barely visible to the naked eye. This means that once they are flushed down the sink, these particles can never be caught again. This causes fish to ingest these microplastics as well, which in turn causes you to ingest them when you eat a fish.

In addition, in our view it is no longer of this time to use or add plastic to a product. That is how the Plastic Soup Foundation thought about it and that is why they started the “Beat the Microbead” campaign: a campaign that focuses on banning microplastics in cosmetic products. It is possible for cosmetic brands to receive a so-called Zero Plastic Inside certificate if the range does not contain microplastics.

As you can expect from us, our productsare completely free of microplastics. . They already were, but recently we also received the Zero Plastic Inside certificate. This means we are officially 100% microplastic free!

Care without worries, exactly as it should be! Let’s beat the microbead!

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