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Frequently asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about We Love The Planet. If your question is not listed, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

We love Deodorant

There is no aluminum in the deodorant, but the can is?

The packaging type is tin and this is the most recycled packaging type in the Netherlands. This is the reason why we chose this packaging.

How long does a can of deodorant last?

You can use a can of deodorant for about 10-12 weeks.

How much deodorant do I need at a time?

You only need one tuft per armpit. You can easily spread this under your entire armpit due to the coconut oil.

I get irritation under my armpit from the deodorant, how is this possible?

If you experience a reaction after using our deodorant, you most likely cannot stand the baking soda (baking soda) that is processed in the product. We have the So Sensitive and Sweet & Soft (vegan)variant especially for you. These are hypoallergenic. The natural solution for sensitive skin.

Can the deodorant be taken on holiday?

Yes, you can take the deodorant on the plane with you. Keep in mind that the melting point is between 23-26 degrees. So if you go to a warm country, keep it in the fridge.

Does the deodorant not stain your clothes?

In principle, the deodorant does not stain. The basis of the deodorant consists of oils and fats. It is therefore useful to wait a few minutes before putting on your clothes so that it has time to absorb into your skin and especially not to use too much.

Are We Love the Planet products tested on animals?

We get this question very often and of course our answer is NO. We are happy to explain why we do not claim this on our packaging.

Animal testing on products and ingredients banned across Europes
In the Netherlands, cosmetics may no longer be tested on animals for a long time. Animal testing was banned from 1997 to test the development, safety and efficacy of cosmetic products. This ban has been in effect for the whole of Europe since 2004. And from March 11, 2009 it is no longer allowed to test cosmetic ingredients on animals in Europe. In addition to the testing ban, there was also a trade ban. Since 2013, according to the requirements of the so-called Cosmetics Regulation, it is no longer allowed to sell cosmetics on the European market whose safety or ingredients have been tested on animals.

Animal testing mandatory in China
In other parts of the world, the legislation differs quite a bit. In China, for example, animal testing is still mandatory (although there is now slowly some movement in this area). Every product that is put on the market there must first be tested on animals by the government. And that safety requirement also applies to foreign products sold in China. So that means that some cosmetic brands that sell in both Europe and China may not actually be so ‘cruelty-free’ after all.

The 5% discount code does not work.

This may be true, it only works on the diffuser. With the exception of the annual packages, these are already on sale! Enter the code at ‘where smelled’. This field can be found in your shopping cart under the discount code field.

We Love Diffuser

My discount code is not working, how is this possible?

You are probably entering the name of the restaurant in the wrong field. Enter the name of the restaurant under the heading smelled in the catering industry. This is at the top of the page.

What is the difference between the 100% essential oils and the natural perfume?

The Spiritual Spa, Light Lemongrass and Warm Winter are 100% essential oils. The Sweet Senses, Charming Chestnut and Darjeeling Delight are essential oils mixed with natural perfume. An example: To 100% rose oil (Sweet Senses) is not to pay. In order to offer this fragrance, it is mixed and affordable. The natural perfumes are therefore more subtle in terms of smell.

The diffusers are much more expensive than I’m used to, why is this?

This is because we use an essential oil. This means that it contains no alcohol or other additives. This makes the oil a bit more pricey but it lasts much longer 😊!

How long can I enjoy a 50ml and 200ml package of oil and how many twigs should I put in it?

With a 50ml package you last ± 3 months when using 3 to 4 small twigs. This diffuser is suitable for small spaces such as toilets.

A 200ml package lasts for ±5 months when using 2 to 3 large twigs.

We Love Coconutcandles

How long does a candle burn?

The candle burns for ±40 hours. It is important that it burns for at least 2 hours the first time and that it is tilted every now and then so that all the edges are included.