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We Love Personal Care
“You love natural products”

We Love The Planet care products are carefree. From the ingredients we work with to the packaging, we always choose the most natural, sustainable and responsible way. So that you can use our products with a good feeling. And so do we, because we use it ourselves every day!

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  • Special offer
    Natural deodorant sticks – Annual package
  • Natural deodorant tin – Golden Glow
  • Special offer
    Natural deodorant tins – annual package
  • We Love Giftset – Limited Edition Golden Giftset
  • Natural lip balm – Velvet Care (nourishing)
  • Natural lip balm – Velvet Daily (sensitive)
  • Natural lip balm – Velvet Shine (vegan)
  • Natural deodorant stick – Sweet Serenity
  • Natural deodorant tin – Sweet Serenity
  • Natural deodorant stick – Forever Fresh
  • Natural deodorant can – Forever Fresh
  • Natural deodorant tin – Luscious Lime (vegan)
  • Natural deodorant tin – Sweet & Soft (vegan)
  • Natural deodorant tin – So Sensitive
  • Natural deodorant tin – Lovely Lavender
  • Natural deodorant tin – Mighty Mint
  • Natural deodorant tin – Original Orange
  • Special offer
    Natural deodorant cans – 5 scents
  • Natural Sunscreen Stick – SPF 20
  • Natural Sunscreen Stick – SPF 30
  • Natural deodorant stick – Luscious Lime (vegan)
  • Natural deodorant stick – Sweet & Soft (vegan)
  • Natural deodorant stick – So Sensitive
  • Natural deodorant stick – Golden Glow
  • Natural deodorant stick – Mighty Mint
  • Natural deodorant stick – Original Orange
  • Natural deodorant stick – Lovely Lavender
  • Special offer
    Natural deodorant sticks – 5 scents
  • Out of Stock
    Ceramic soap dispenser ”Stone”
  • Out of Stock
    Ceramic soap dispenser ”Stripe”

We Love care products for everyone

Our personal care range contains care products that are not only the best for your skin, but also the best for the planet. Deodorant, lip balm, sunscreen, hand wash and hand cream, all responsibly packaged. Each in itself are pure products based on natural ingredients. Without synthetic and unnecessary additives; exactly as you can expect from us. Personal care with an extra good feeling!

Our natural personal care range consists of the following product groups:

  • We Love Deodorant
  • We Love Lip Balm
  • We Love Sunscreen
  • We Love Hand Care

The products are available in different variants and scents. That is why there is a perfect match for everyone!

Not only good for you, but also for nature

We at We Love The Planet love our planet and believe that we should be careful with it. That is why our personal care products are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. That is not only good for nature, but also good for you! We always go for the most sustainable, natural and responsible option when it comes to our natural products and are therefore happy to help with initiatives that take our products and packaging to an even higher level.

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