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We proudly present all We Love The Planet products. We proudly present all We Love The Planet products. All these products are produced with great care for nature, but of course spoiling you is not forgotten either. Because luxury, comfort and nature go hand in hand. Luxury, comfort and nature go hand in hand.

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We Love The Planet natural products

We Love The Planet was born out of passion and love for our world. That is why we think it is extremely important to know what kind of raw materials are in a product and where it comes from, and our starting point is always the most sustainable and responsible solution. We sell various beauty products, fragrance sticks and accessories for the home.

We Love Personal Care

Our personal care range contains care products that are not only the best for your skin, but also the best for the planet. Deodorant, lip balm, sunscreen & hand care all responsibly packaged. Each and every one of them is pure products based on 100% natural ingredients. Without synthetic and unnecessary additives; exactly as you can expect from us. Personal care with an extra good feeling!

We Love Diffusers

Not only a nice smell, but also a good feeling. Because everyone wants to come home with a nice smell and a pleasant atmosphere in the house. How nice is it if that can also be done with a responsible and good feeling?! Discover We Love Diffusers and enjoy! Our diffusers have been developed with sustainability in mind. The diffusers of 100% essential oils are free of chemical components and, unlike conventional fragrance sticks, cannot cause allergic reactions.

We Love Coconut Candles

A real eye-catcher for your interior, but also sustainable, environmentally friendly and many times healthier than a normal candle. Sounds almost too good to be true right? Discover We Love Coconut Candles! We love to recycle and that’s why our soy wax candles are cast in coconut shells from the food industry. The 100% soy wax candles are made from soybeans, a natural, biodegradable and renewable resource.

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