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We proudly present all We Love The Planet products. We proudly present all We Love The Planet products. All these products are produced with great care for nature, but of course spoiling you is not forgotten either. Because luxury, comfort and nature go hand in hand.

Welcome to the world of natural lip care

We Love Lip Balm consists of 100% natural ingredients. These new lip products contain the highest quality, natural and organic oils and butters and are free from synthetic substances. Better for your lips and for the planet!

Enjoy our Lip Balms, all 3 with their own unique properties; to nourish the lips extra, for the most sensitive lips and a special vegan variant with a content of 5 grams.

We love the planet favicon lipbalm sticks met watercolor
We love the planet sunscreen SPF 20

Protect the skin with: We Love Sunscreen Stick

The We Love Sunscreen is a sunscreen stick that is available in two different variants: SPF 20 and SPF 30. This natural sunscreen is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for the most sensitive skin types. Due to the use of natural sun filters, the product complies with various legislation for the preservation of coral reefs. Better for your body and better for the planet!

Discover the natural deodorants from We Love The Planet

The cream deodorant from We Love The Planet consists only of 100% natural ingredients and is certified organic. No synthetic and skin-damaging ingredients have been added and the deodorant does not contain aluminum. This makes the deodorant better for your skin and our planet.

We Love The Planet deodorants are available in nine different scents for both men and women and have a content of 48 or 65 grams.

We love the planet deo blikje Lovely Lavender
We love the planet diffuser refill spiritual spa

Also discover the: We Love Diffusers

The beautiful diffusers from We Love The Planet have been developed with sustainability in mind. The diffusers with 100% essential oils are free of chemical components and, unlike conventional fragrance sticks, cannot cause allergic reactions. Due to the essential oils, our diffusers last at least twice as long as other diffusers. Guaranteed a wonderful scent in the house.

The diffusers of We Love The Planet are available in six delicious natural scents, all six unique in their own character! Three scents based on 100% essential oils and three scents in Natural Fragrance. These fragrances are made exclusively from naturally extracted essential oils, which are then blended by French perfumers.

Also experience the: We Love coconut candles

Our atmospheric We Love coconut candles are great for indoors during the winter months as well as outdoors in the summer. Our natural coconut candle is made from 100% soy wax. The main advantage of soy wax is that it contains no chemicals and is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. In addition, a soy wax candle burns on average twice as long, namely 40 – 45 hours. The coconut is a natural product, so every copy will be different.

The coconut candles We Love The Planet are currently available in five delicious natural scents!

We love the planet kokosnoot geurkaars
We love The planet Vrouw met Natuurlijke Deodorant
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