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We Love Deodorant

Our diffusers consist of 100% essential oils and are therefore free of chemical components. Unlike conventional fragrance sticks, our diffusers cannot cause allergic reactions.

Better for you and better for our planet!

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  • Special offer
    Natural deodorant sticks – Annual package
  • Natural deodorant tin – Golden Glow
  • Special offer
    Natural deodorant tins – annual package
  • Natural deodorant stick – Sweet Serenity
  • Natural deodorant tin – Sweet Serenity
  • Natural deodorant stick – Forever Fresh
  • Natural deodorant can – Forever Fresh
  • Natural deodorant tin – Luscious Lime (vegan)
  • Natural deodorant tin – Sweet & Soft (vegan)
  • Natural deodorant tin – So Sensitive
  • Natural deodorant tin – Lovely Lavender
  • Natural deodorant tin – Mighty Mint
  • Natural deodorant tin – Original Orange
  • Special offer
    Natural deodorant cans – 5 scents

    Natural deodorant cans – 5 scents

    Original price was: €49,75.Current price is: €40,00.
  • Natural deodorant stick – Luscious Lime (vegan)
  • Out of Stock
    Natural deodorant stick – Sweet & Soft (vegan)
  • Natural deodorant stick – So Sensitive
  • Natural deodorant stick – Golden Glow
  • Natural deodorant stick – Mighty Mint
  • Natural deodorant stick – Original Orange
  • Natural deodorant stick – Lovely Lavender
  • Special offer
    Natural deodorant sticks – 5 scents

    Natural deodorant sticks – 5 scents

    Original price was: €49,75.Current price is: €40,00.

Fresh armpits with the We Love Deodorant

The natural ingredients in our deodorant not only have a soothing and moisturizing effect, but also keep your armpits wonderfully fresh all day long! The soft cream is quickly absorbed into your skin without clogging the pores.

Our deodorant is based on a combination of, among other things, coconut oil, beeswax and corn starch powder, which make the deodorant easy to spread and your skin velvety soft. The baking soda neutralizes odors in a completely natural way and therefore always keeps your armpits fresh! Because every body is different, our range contains different variants, including a hypoallergenic and sensitive variant without baking soda. Each deodorant has its own scent due to the addition of various natural ingredients. This means there is a perfect match for everyone!

Available in stick and can

We Love Deodorant is available in a can or as a stick. The stick comes in a paper package which, when the deodorant is used up, can simply be put in the old paper bin. Easy peasy right?! A can was also chosen because in the Netherlands this has a recycling percentage of no less than 95%; really responsible. The same ingredients are used in both the stick and the can, making the effect equally effective. The substance is of course different: the deodorant in the can is a bit softer and the stick is a bit more solid.

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