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We Love Diffusers

Our diffusers consist of 100% essential oils and are therefore free of chemical components. Unlike conventional fragrance sticks, our diffusers cannot cause allergic reactions.

Better for you and better for our planet!

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  • Special offer
    Diffuser Yearsupply – Spiritual Spa
  • Special offer
    Diffuser Yearsupply – Charming Chestnut
  • Special offer
    Diffuser Yearsupply – Warm Winter
  • Special offer
    Diffuser Yearsupply – Light Lemongrass
  • Special offer
    Diffuser Yearsupply – Darjeeling Delight
  • Special offer
    Diffuser Yearsupply – Sweet Senses

The best scent with We Love Diffusers

The annual packages are available in six unique scents. A wonderful scent in the house is guaranteed for a year, because the essential oils make our diffusers last at least twice as long as other diffusers.

The diffusers of We Love The Planet are completely based on essential oils. The fragrance sticks are available in six different natural scents, all with their own character: something for everyone!

Our diffusers go through the essential oils at least twice as long as other diffusers. The average duration of use with the 200ml diffusers is between 32 – 36 weeks with normal use (2-3 sticks).

With extra love for you and the planet!

The glass bottles with fragrance oil come in a beautiful ecological gift box, complete with wooden fragrance sticks made of washed and dried reed, called Sida Rhombifolia Linn. These are picked by hand, grow wild around the factory and do not affect the ecosystem.

The diffusers are available in different packaging:

  • We Love Diffusers 50 ml
  • We Love Diffusers 200 ml
  • We Love Diffusers refill 200 ml
  • We Love Diffusers Annual Pack

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