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Natural deodorant sticks – Annual package




Our natural deodorant sticks – annual package consists of 100% natural ingredients. Our deodorant is free from unnecessary additives such as aluminum salts and contains only natural ingredients. So nice, isn’t it, a deodorant without ‘mess’?! We think so too, since we are the biggest fans ourselves! Better for your body and better for our planet!

Due to the base of, among other things, beeswax (the vegan variants do not contain this of course), coconut oil and corn starch powder, the deodorant is easy to apply. The deodorizing effect comes in most formulations of baking soda, which naturally neutralizes odors. Each deodorant has its own scent and effect due to the addition of various natural ingredients. In addition, our deodorant has a soothing, moisturizing and antibacterial effect!

Our range includes the following fragrances:

Deodorant stick – Sweet Serenity
Our best-selling women’s fragrance! With the romantic, subtle scent of rose oil with honey and soft herbs. Charming as ever!

Deodorant stick – Forever Fresh
The most sold unisex fragrance in our range! The fragrance Forever Fresh is characterized by the refreshing scent of pure citrus fruit oils and herbs and is therefore suitable for men and women.

Deodorant stick – Lovely Lavender
Relaxation guaranteed! The fragrance Lovely Lavender has a beautiful, full scent of a bouquet of wild grown lavender. Just the thought of it is almost relaxing.

Deodorant stick – Mighty Mint
Let’s go for mint! Be surprised by the refreshing and invigorating scent of mint and rosemary. Fresh and spicy at the same time: the ideal unisex scent to share with your partner!

Deodorant stick – Original Orange
Let yourself be seduced by the irresistible and intense scent of Spanish mandarin. The scent is wonderfully sweet, but also fresh & fruity: exactly what your armpits need!

Deodorant stick – Luscious Lime (vegan)
One of our vegan toppers! Experience the luxurious scent of lime, mandarin and bergamot in the most fantastic combination. This fragrance always takes your mind to summer!

Deodorant stick – Sweet & Soft (vegan)
A wonderfully elegant, charming and soft fragrance. Hypoallergenic and without baking soda, therefore also suitable for the most sensitive skin. And; he is completely vegan!

Deodorant stick – So Sensitive (hypoallergenic)
A very soft and mild scent. Specially developed for the most sensitive skin. Because we know better than anyone that if you have sensitive skin, you also want to enjoy our deodorant.

Content and usage advice

Each stick has a content of 48 (vegan) or 65 grams, which you can use for approximately 2 to 3 months with daily use. So very sustainable! A small amount of lubrication once a day is sufficient for 24 hours of freshness. Are you perspiring a little more, or are you having an active day? Then feel free to apply extra; after all, it is 100% natural! Why in a can? Because cans in the Netherlands have a recycling percentage above the 95% !

Prefer to apply a deodorant with your hands? Then go for our natural deodorant cans !

This offer is not valid in combination with other discounts and promotions.