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Are you a can lover or would you rather go for a stick?

Some are a big fan of the canand the others of thesticks. But is there a difference? No, actually not. The ingredients are largely the same, only the substance has been adjusted on the packaging. For example, the substance of the deodorant can is really a kind of cream that you can smear on your armpit with your fingers. With the deodorant stick, the substance is a bit thicker so that it remains compact, but it releases enough product when you put it under your armpit.

With the deodorant can you can more easily determine the amount of deodorant you apply under your armpit. You can spread the excess deodorant in your hands, which will then immediately be hydrated. With the stick you can apply the deodorant without getting ‘dirty’ fingers. This step is often made a little easier for new users because it resembles applying a roll-on deodorant. Did you know that our deodorant stick comes in a paper packaging which, when the deodorant is finished, can simply be thrown in the old paper bin?

Thanks to the click system, the can, can be closed well and is ideal for taking on a trip. How nice is a deodorant that can stay in your bag while flying?! The stick is perhaps the easiest for daily use in the morning in the bathroom.

So, it is up to you! Can or stick? What do you prefer?

Deostick of deoblik

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